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This is the portfolio site of Dan Oxnam, Digital Customer Experience Consultant

With over 20 years experience working in the digital industry I am a creative thinker, digital specialist and problem solver, helping businesses create great digital products and services

I combine my passion for design, technology and people to help create a brighter future.

What type of projects do I work on?

User Experience Design: 95%
Customer Research & Analysis: 90%
Digital Strategy: 85%
Workshop facilitation: 80%
Service Design: 50%

User Centred Design

Helping businesses utilise User Centred Design methodologies to ensure they are effectively delivering valuable digital products and services

Digital Strategy

Quickly digesting complex business problems to provide analysis, modelling, and digital strategy

Facilitation & Engagement

Facilitating workshops that are effective and engaging, helping unlock peoples creative potential

Customer research

Helping businesses ensure they understand the problem and validate the solution

User Experience Design

Helping businesses rapidly prototype, test and refine products and services

Wide ranging experience

Operating effectively in a wide variety of business environments; small business, corporate, and government, along with Agile development processes.

So what does all that actually mean?

I work at the intersection of Digital / Business / People.

In my blood I am a maker, I’ve always loved building things and when I discovered the potential of the the web to combine my design and technical skills I was hooked. For 10 years I dug into the creative and technical potential of designing and creating digital products, and together with some of the best people in the business I created award winning websites and digital products.

As the internet matured, I realised that the projects I had been creating were heavily focused on answering business and design objectives without adequately considering the people who were going to use these creations, the customers. I know, sounds obvious right, well at the time we just hadn’t been thinking like that. So I changed tack and dived into the User Centred Design approach to creating digital products and championed these processes within Reactive, the agency I was working with at the time.

Seeing the potential of User Experience Design, together with a business partner I launched Etch Group in 2010. Our plan was to focus on helping business truly understand their customers and use these insights to ensure they deliver the best possible experience. Over the past 5 years I have had the privilege of working with some of the best businesses in Australia. We generally take clients through the following processes (depending on the project requirements)

Immerse, Investigate, Illustrate, Innovate, Implement

Some of the service I offer within each of these areas are

  • User Experience Design
  • Customer Research & Experience Design
  • User Centred Design
  • User testing & User Research
  • Group facilitation and training
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Mobile design & strategy
  • Rapid prototyping & wireframes
  • User Interface Design

I am now being engaged to help businesses ensure they are solving the right problems before launching into product development.

I have gained extensive experience facilitating workshops, and I am really excited by the potential of this work. I love using my creativity to help unlock the genius in others.

I am passionate about the future of digital interactions.

Join me on the journey.

  • "Dan has continually surprised and confirmed my respect for him as a consummate professional with a capacity to interpret a brief and deliver the correct business benefits to clients on all projects he was engaged."
    Leslie KettCreative Director, Fujitsu Consulting 

  • "Put simply – Dan has transformed our digital brand presence and it continues to evolve with his support."
    Michelle LowMarketing Manager Benetas
  • " Dan's balance of logic, technical expertise, creative intelligence and strategic insight, guarantees great results in the development and creation of all forms of digital media "
    George Katsaras, Art Director, Reactive Creative Director
  • "Dan is someone who loves a challenge, and always delivers. He's also an extremely nice guy, who's a pleasure to work with. His can-do attitude inspires those around him."
Carl PanczakGeneral Manager Reactive New York
  • " Clients love Dan. And so do the team. He really is a fantastic person to work with, and adds value on every level "
    Tim O'NeillCo-founder of Reactive