Help families and their ageing parents understand the aged care system in Victoria. Then enable them to make an informed decision regarding the future of their care and accommodation


Working with the Benetas marketing team, we arranged several one on one interviews with staff, carers and potential customers. These allowed us to understand the complexities of the aged care system and identify key misunderstanding that needed to be addressed. We then mapped out the Benetas business model, so that we could ensure that our design and development work would help the business achieve its financial and strategic goals. These two exercises allowed us to form a balanced project plan and identify new opportunities for the brand to take advantage of.

Based on research, Etch then worked with the marketing team to design an attractive and information site that would take lead in an industry coming to terms with an influx of consumer inquiry.

The development of the site in Drupal CMS has delivered a fast, easy to manage system that is set to launch early this year.


The site stands apart from competitors, by both being attractive to a sensitive market and providing clear information during a time of pressure and stress. With a comprehensive CMS staff are able to adjust all aspects of the site and the project feedback has been very positive.

Michelle from Benetas had this to say about the Etch process :

“Etch Group were a breath of fresh – and energising – air for us. We were really impressed with how quickly they were able to understand our organisation, our consumers and our complex industry.

But what impressed us most, was the process they undertook to research and analyse our market – to make sure they truly understood the needs of our consumers before designing and building our new website. In doing so, with their fresh eyes they also helped us learn more about the world we operate in.

Etch used the intelligence they gained and combined it with their knowledge of the digital world, to create a truly engaging and successful website for us. We continue to be inspired by their ideas and solutions to help us achieve what we need to online.

Put simply – they have transformed our digital brand presence and it continues to evolve with their support, just as it should.”
Marketing & Communications Manager at Benetas