Leading Investment Bank


This investment bank provides a wide range of products and services across fund management, securitisation and institutional services. Looking to revitalise their digital presence the team initially needed assistance engaging their internal team to establish requirements reinvigorate the potential of digital across the organisation.


Facilitated a series of engaging workshops to map the existing customer journey across the organisation based on provisional personas
Research to develop a comprehensive understand of the competitive landscape
Wrote the business case to reinvigorate the digital customer experience
Customer research using in depth interviews to validate hypotheses developed during the planning phase
Creation of a series of Personas to guide the digital customer experience enhancements.


The extended business case was approved and the wider team is excited about the potential of the digital enhancements to improve their ability to engage customers and highlight the value that the organisation can offer.

“In three weeks you have bene able to develop a better understanding of our business than most people who work here.” Senior Manager, Investment Bank