Sustainability Victoria

Through Etch Group I have worked Sustainability Victoria on 6 projects over 3 years. Working closely with their marketing, communications and community projects groups, our team guided them through a customised process of research, planning and assisted with implementation phases and review. All of their projects are aimed at reducing energy usage and increasing environmental awareness both at home and in business.


Their difficult challenge is that of behavior change. We were asking people to change their daily habits in order to benefit a situation much larger than most can understand or believe they can have an impact on. Sporting clubs were chosen as a viable way to network with high consuming families in Victoria.


Contextual research interviews at sporting clubs
Experience mapping of the entire online system
System flow design and scoping documentation
Interface wireframing of the entire system
Usability testing
Project management and liaison with designers & developers


“Sustainability Victoria worked closely with Etch on a number of projects both big and small over a period of more than 18 months. Etch’s mix of strategic and leading-edge thinking combined with hands-on operational skills provided SV with the capability to meet demanding project requirements and timelines.

Their ability to simplify complex ideas and focus on user needs and business requirements to scope & develop solutions meant that SV’s project managers always felt informed and in control.

Etch proved themselves to be flexible and responsive at all times, their knowledge of and passion for digital communication showing itself in their willingness to be involved in all aspects of a project, from brainstorming to technical support.”
Online Content Manager at Sustainability Victoria, 2011